Friday, December 5, 2014

Moreland Hills Elementary #6

Today was my last visit at Moreland Hills Elementary! When I walked in, the students were creating a large map of their classroom with sheets of construction paper in their groups as a fun last activity of the day.  The kids then were told to clean up all the paper and return to their seats.  After this, Mrs. Newman told me I was the "desk inspector" for the classroom and if they student did not clean out the inside of their desks and wipe down the outside, they would not be permitted to use their iPads before Music class.  Each kid quickly cleaned up their stuff and began to play their online games.  Mrs. Newman had to go to a meeting at the end of the day so she asked me to watch over everyone while she was gone.  It felt unusual to be the only adult in the classroom and the only one in charge.  The kids listened to me very well when I told them it was time to stop playing and get in a single file line for their next class.  Mrs. Newman told the students this was my last day here so I received many hugs and goodbyes which made me feel excited that they actually enjoyed my presence in their classroom over the past few months.  Lastly, Mrs. Newman told me that she appreciated my help and encouraged me to come back for more experience whenever I needed it.  I was very grateful to spend my first observation experience at Moreland Hills Elementary and I would be thrilled to go back!  I truly enjoyed and learned from the whole experience.

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