Friday, November 7, 2014

BlogPost 10

My time in this class has really made me think deeply about what I need to do in my future classroom.  Through the helpful books we have read, I understand that not everyone is the same and although it may not be easy, I have to learn to provide for everyone's needs.  I also learned how crucial it is to "build a bridge" for students at a young age so they are well prepared for their next school year.  I really enjoyed the group projects we completed becaue I feel that they allowed me to get closer to other students with the same viewpoints as me.  Working with other students also gave me better ideas and made me think of things I had never thought of before.  I see now what is important to enforce in order for children to grow as individuals.  By observing classrooms on my own and with the class, I have become even more excited to pursue this career path and learn more about how to create a good environment.  I really like that we have the opportunity to visit other schools as freshmen because this allows us to see how things truly work and inspires us for our future classrooms.  I feel that this class has truly prepared me for what is ahead with my own education and my future as well.

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